Q-NRG+ Metabolic Monitor

  • Fast: around 10-15 minutes to run a test
  • Intuitive: Real-time, user friendly dashboard with flexibility to use in intubated and spontaneously breathing patients.


The Q-NRG+ portable Metabolic Monitors are indicated for the measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) for spontaneously breathing and ventilated patients, within the following populations:

  • Spontaneously breathing subjects >15 kg (33 lb) when using a canopy .
    • Spontaneously breathing subjects age >6 yrs and >10 kg (22 lb) when using a face mask.
    • Ventilated subjects age >10 yrs and >10 kg (22 lb).

The Q-NRG+ Portable Metabolic Monitors are intended to be used in professional healthcare facilities only.


This device measures clinical parameters used to aid diagnosis and it is intended only as an adjunct device in patient assessment. In case of disturbing conditions, the shutdown is allowed because the safety of the device towards patients and operators is not affected, since the final evaluation is performed on the outcome data measured during a complete test. No modification of this device is allowed.


Carefully re-check ventilator functionality after connection of the parts. Make sure that the patients cuff pressure is high enough to avoid
air leakage. Manipulation of the ventilator circuit may cause leaks that may lower alveolar ventilation. For more information please refer
to User’s Manual.

Rx Only: For safe and proper use of products mentioned herein, please refer to the Instructions for Use or Operator’s Manual.

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